Club Ball

St. Anthony Basketball is excited to be once again offering club basketball for the 2017-2018 Season!! Our club system runs from September to March and is open for any players to join at any time, as we are a community based program providing players with the opportunity to play and get better.

Club teams will practice twice a week where they will go over team specific drills, plays and skill development. One practice will run during the week and one will run during the weekend. We will combine practice groups to ensure high quality practices and to keep the environment competitive. In addition, all club teams will be entered into the school league, where they will regularly compete against other teams around the city. Club teams will also look to enter school tournaments when they are available.

St. Anthony’s Nationally Certified Basketball coaches will conduct all practices with local guest coaches from time to time. Did you know that at St. Anthony, we have 5 coaches with their Level 3 Certification? This commitment to the game of basketball from the coaching side ensures that the players are receiving the best coaching in the province.

This year we will be offering the following:

Boys U11 – Grade 5
Boys U12 – Grade 6
Boys U13 – Grade 7
Boys U14 – Grade 8

Girls U11 – Grade 5
Girls U12 – Grade 6
Girls U13 – Grade 7
Girls U14 – Grade 8

Costs & What's Included

Club cost is $395.00 + Tax

This cost of the program covers the following:

  1. Club season that will run from September to the end of March 2018.
  2. Two weekly practices where during the first practice players will go over team specific drills and plays along with a second additional skills practice. As stated above St. Anthony Basketball coaches and other guest instructors will conduct all practices to ensure your player receives the best training and development in the province.
  3. Player registration and insurance with the NLBA.
  4. Club championship fees.
  5. SAB reversible jersey and shorts that will be used for practices and games.

If there are enough players for 2 teams in one age group for Club Championships then two teams will be entered with the team rosters for each team left up to the coaches of the group.

Other Club Information

Teams can enter in as many tournaments as they want but this will be at the team’s expense and will be collected before each tournament by the club coach.  

Teams can also fundraise or get sponsorship for tournaments, custom jerseys or any other team costs that they have.  

We do order clothing outside of the basic uniform where players can order tracksuits, hoodies, bags, warm up shirts, toques, etc.

St Anthony Basketball